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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Silver Dollar City - 14 Oct 2015

Silver Dollar City
14 Oct 2015

We called to reserve an electric cart, a few days out... the only day available was 'tomorrow' - so we got up early and went...

We got one of the first half dozen handicapped spots up by the entrance, so Nancy could walk. We got to wait about 15 minutes for the front entrance to open... quite a few vendors/employees came through while we waited. Nancy was first in line:

It was about 55 degrees when we arrived. She said the sweatshirt, hat and gloves felt real good!! ;-)

We were the first one to check out the electric cart... obviously a lot came after us... they were all over the place during the day. Also, lots of personal carts, as well. More cases where both members of a couple had carts. There was even one set of four folks roaming together... they took up a lot road room!!

We had breakfast, looked around all the crafts booths on the top level. Many "Made by Missouri Hands" craftspersons' booths. Pretty decent variety. As 10 am approached, we were ready to go down the hill. Here they raised the flag prior to the 'opening whistle!'

Later on, we got to Nancy's favorite Jewelry booth... they've been there for over 25 years...

And, as you probably saw on Facebook, she bought one!!

I should also mention that Nancy brought along some ear-rings she had bought at the other Jewelry store, last spring, I think. They needed repair, which they said to always bring in, if needed. She did, and they fixed them. Neat! ... and bought so new ones, of course! ;-)

It was a good day! Nice to be able to get back out the Silver Dollar City!!

It was a very good day! ;-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015 in Austin

Labor Day Weekend 2015 in Austin

We drove to Austin for the Labor Day Weekend in 2015. Several photos posted to Facebook, just wanted to record a couple of them here.

We played games, some with just Alex, some with just Kaylee, and some with both. Had a great time.

Board games, and card games...

What fur! ;-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birthday (July 1) - 4th of July Special Offer

Birthday (July1) - 4th of July Special Offer

I made this offer on Facebook, and was pleasantly surprised how many people signed up! ;-)

I want to extend it to all my readers, in case you missed it:

I will send you a free PDF of my 23K word eBook, “The Kings of Oak Springs, Vol. One” (Some say it reminds them of a ‘Little House’ story) when you sign up for my free: Dr. Bill’s “The Homeplace Saga” Newsletter. Sign up here today (free): http://eepurl.com/bpPujv

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Silver Dollar City - 21 May 2015

Silver Dollar City
21 May 2015

Two nice photos from our visit to Silver Dollar City in Thursday, May 21, 2015:

We were not there alone...

Larry, Annette, Nancy, Allison, Bill... at the new Fireman's Landing.

It was a very good day!! ;-)