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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fifteen weeks times 7 days a week is 105 days

June 13 is fifteen weeks ahead... 105 days, it turns out. Not counting days, yet. Trying to avoid that.

Snowed today, 20 degrees below normal. Yuk! Actually sunny most of the day, but high was 29!

Moved six of the eight big bookcases down the stairs, getting ready for truck next weekend. Packed some more boxes. Filled the two trash barrels.

It still was a very good day! ;-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week Sixteen plus two days

We spent a nice long weekend in Austin with Arrion, Ben, Alex and Kaylee. Nice drive down (stayed over at Holiday Inn Express in Burleson) and great drive back. Alex went to two birthday parties, Kaylee had good afternoon naps. Watched "W" movie Saturday night - great! Enjoyed the Waterloo Icehouse for noon meal on Sunday. Ben and Alex went to church. Need to get photos posted on travel pages... posted a couple of short movie clips of Kaylee walking on Facebook.

Third annual Flint Hills Heritage Conference in El Dorado, celebrating festivals, on Friday, all day. Looks like it will be biggest and best yet - registration has passed 85 and counting. Judge Tacha speaks on Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area and Marci Penner leads a panel on festivals. I'll take some Visitor's Guides to Belle Plaine Service Area after the conference.

Will be sorting and boxing books, this weekend, to get ready for medium truck to Hollister on Allison's birthday weekend, March 6-7.

It is a very good day! ;-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Retirement in 18 weeks

Not that I'm counting, but 18 weeks from today is the end of my professor contract with Emporia State University. We made a fun trip to Branson/Hollister this weekend, with a few boxes of books. Had a good time with Allison. I spent an hour at the storage area, re-assembling the two "gorilla" metal shelves we had brought down in the truck in November. Really does feel like home, here. Just went in and sat in may "office chair," even though that is all that is in the room... imagining what it will be like with new desk, bookcases, etc.

Couple of drives around town. Walgreen's opened in Hollister Towne Center earlier this week. We also discovered a new building in towndown Branson, just up hill from north Branson Landing parking lot, where Dino is opening a new Carrot Cake shop... actually have a variety of cakes - expensive.

Drove around some new territory along Turkey Creek, and parks around the Hollister City Hall. Very different view of Downing Street from the road into the City Hall. Fun!

It was a very good day! ;-)