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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last days in Austin

Last days in Austin

Alex all ready to go to Cub Scout meeting:

Arrion sorting shirts for Math Pentathlon students for distribution.

Math Pentalon sticker on right of the Odyssey and Clayton Cardinals.
On left the Packer four family!

Earlier Grandma and Alex working on something...

We got some Lego kits - here we helped Kaylee while Alex at Cub Scouts.

One built...

 She does well, following directions, with a little guidance.

Some pieces go one easier than others...  ;-)

We head back to Missouri in the rain, on Wednesday...  ;-)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend in Austin

Weekend in Austin

Alex had another good Science Fair this year in 3rd grade. He ranked in the top ten with his report on whether a coke can fizzed more at warm or cold temperatures.
The 3rd graders routinely use Power Point, Arrion says. Ben taught Alex some Excel, to do the graphs, as well. Wanta' go back and learn that stuff, again?  ;-)

With Grandma's iPad, both kids could work/play at the same time. Maybe lacking a little interpersonal communication, from time to time.

Kay liked Billards - on the iPad!

Arrion fixed Kaylee's hair in a braid - while she watched Parent Trap!

Here we get a front view, with Mom and Grandma...  ;-)

Three generations always good, for the record!

Bring on the Super Bowl - after brunch at Waterloo Ice House! ;-)