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Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of January 2010

We had a couple of days in the low 60s on Friday and Saturday. Now, we have predictions of "winter weather" for Tuesday, followed by a streak of really cold weather.

I would personally prefer not to get precipitation that stays around for days and weeks.

Allison's refrigerator/freezer went out a couple of days ago. Repairman to come on Monday. Hope it all works out!

It has been a generally good day!  ;-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow arrives on Jan 20th

We got three or four inches of snow overnight, morning of January 20. Came straight down, on cars and drive and yard. Went out early afternoon and brushed off cars and shoveled all drive in about 25-30 degrees and partly cloudy. Would be nice if this were our 2011 snow. We shall see.

It was a generally nice day and week - average temp is 42. We have had mostly upper 30s.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 2nd Weekend Puzzle, Snow and Fire

Second Weekend of January 2011

Puzzle, Snow and Fire

Over the second weekend of January, we put this wide and narrow puzzle together on Mom's new puzzle table. Neat! Finished it late Sunday evening.

Overnight, we got a little snow, but we were lucky to be in between and south belt and the north belt - so far!

About 5 minutes before 7 on Sunday morning, I heard emergency vehicles go by with sirens blasting. Assumed it was out on 165, as usual. Also, a couple of minutes later, a vehicle went right by our front road about 50-60 MPH! Mom heard the same - we didn't mention it to each other until later in the day.

Last evening (Sunday), Mom posted this story on Facebook: http://hometowndailynews.com/local_news.php?id=3946 telling of the fire south of Allison's house.

Here are our photos, today, supplementing those Allison posted a while ago.

A sorry looking sight, for sure. In the first photo, you can see the new deck and steps that had been added, still standing there... leading to nothing, now!

Otherwise, it is still a pretty good day!  ;-)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Weekend Activities 2011

Lots of college bowl and professional football games - Faith Hill doing last performance before the St. Louis game on NBC as I type this... end of NFL regular season. Bring on the unofficial playoffs - since the Cowboys won't be playing this year! Right?!  ;-)

Ground Beef Soup was the highlight of a cold weekend to stay in the cabin, this year. Used our version of the recipe Arrion used in Austin...

Worked on a big puzzle, as well. Finally got it finished a bit ago:

One last reminder of the holidays.... the day before we left Austin, Ben and Arrion and kids were taking their 'official Christmas photos' with new clothes, etc. After they were done, I was able to get this photo of the kids, Alex and Kaylee, by the tree. Kaylee had her sucker, and Alex just had one hand, but otherwise, kind of cute - and great memories!  ;-)

It was another great day!  ;-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Writing plans for 2011

As a retired 71+ year old person (professor), making "New Years Resolutions" is really not especially useful.

First, I am retired; I can do pretty much as I wish (if my wife doesn't object) most any time I wish.

Second, family comes first - grandpa, husband, father, brother, uncle, etc.

Third, I have a contract to teach an/my on-line university course in the Spring.

FInally, with the time left, I write.

1. I expect to complete and publish my second novel in the Spring of 2011. I will continue to promote both novels through appropriate activities throughout the year.

2. I will continue to write weekly articles for Examiner.com on both my topic areas: Springfield Genealogy Examiner and Ozark Cultural Heritage Examiner.

3. I will continue to research and begin to write the non-fiction Revolutionary War family history book on Sergeant Major William Kinnick.

4. I will continue to research and write the non-fiction family history book on my great-grandfather Michael Smith.

5. I will continue my primary blogs, with most entries related to the research, writing and promoting I am doing at the time.

Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories
Dr. Bill on Retirement
Dr. Bill's Book Bazaar
The Homeplace Series Blog
The KINNICK Project

6. As mid-year approaches, I will step up the Civil War research and writing for my young adult Civil War novel and "The Beginnings" novel in "The Homeplace" series.

It is another very good day!  ;-)