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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hunter's Moon over the Mesa; our last night in Utah

Hunter's Moon over the Mesa; our last night in Utah

Our last night in Utah, after a three week stay, featured the Hunter's Moon (Oct 29th) rising over the mesa of the Capital Reef National Park.

Larry grilled us turkey burgers for our final meal here as the Full Moon began to rise. Pretty neat, I must say - and, the turkey burgers were great!  ;-)

When we first arrived, there literally no birds - the season was changing. While we were here, there were a couple of small flocks of woodpecker-type larger birds flew through, but never stopped long enough to even get a photo. Then, for a few days, we had a bunch of little Juncos. I got a few photos of them, this time.

We had extended our visit for a week when Nancy became ill near the end of the first planned two weeks. She received excellent care at the Wayne County Health Center clinic and pharmacy and is ready to get on the flight from Salt Lake City, through Dallas, to Springfield during the day tomorrow.

It was a great visit, again, of course!  ;-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Visit to Pine Creek area on Boulder Mountain

Visit to Pine Creek area on Boulder Mountain

Some aspens still had some good color as we took the cutoff to the Pine Creek area on our trip up the 'back side' of Boulder Mountain. This is both a grazing area (lots of dried cow patties, and few not so dry) and popular camping and trout fishing area. This is the higher level of Pine Creek that works its way to the bottom of the Mountain, runs through the Bicknell Bottoms (past the fish hatchery) and into the Fremont River running through the valley toward and through Capital Reef National Park to the east.

We each got out of the Jeep and kind of wandered around doing our own things. Nancy enjoyed the reasonable flat area to explore. She found a rock, with lichen on it, that was colorful. I took this photo, since she couldn't take it home with her.

Annette and I each spent some time on the other side of the creek. Here, Annette is 'coming back,' - dramatically, of course!'

There is a foot bridge, right behind her, but what fun is that!  On up behind, and around a bend, there was a ponderosa pine that had fallen, or been cut, just lying there...

With Annette having her camera, as well, I got to be in more photos... sorry! You may have seen some of these on Facebook.

Here I am, on the rocks, checking out the trout in the creek.

Keeping that camera ready... By the way, thanks for the loan of the hat, Larry!  ;-)

Here, Annette took this when I went up the hill, a ways, carrying my ponderosa leaves... no one was impressed - they weren't flowers...  ;-)

Back down by the creek, Larry was pointing out that he could see trout in the stream... it is much deeper than it first appeared.

I could see the trout, about a foot long, grey looking in the water - not sure I can pick it out in this photo... but is was there. He saw several smaller ones, as well. We didn't bring fishing gear...

Annette took this nice photo of Nancy and I - neat background, as well!

This one that Annette took was probably all of our favorites, for composition... neat!  ;-)

All in all, a very nice place, nice day, nice visit!  ;-)

Friday, October 19, 2012

T@B camping trailer arrives at new Boulder Mountain home

T@B camping trailer arrives at new Boulder Mountain home

Larry backs the T@B teardrop camping trailer up to in front of the garage for temporary storage. He did a fantastic job... driving in the loose rock is hard enough [right, Ben?]; backing a trailer is very difficult... lots of patience required.

Annette and Larry bought his from some friends, it is a 2008, and been cared for immaculately and has most of the bells and whistles available, as well. They've been hoping to find something for certain kinds of 'short' trips. [The motor home is in the valley, for sale, not being used. Contact me if you are interested in a 37' Diesel, real neat, Endeavor motor home!]

Nancy was anxious to check it out, after seeing it on line. Note it has it's legs down, so it is balanced before Annette went inside. Here she is, demonstrated the cabinets that had been built in.

Here she shows some of the little 'tools' that came with it... this for utensils.

Here is a photo of the workarea - stove, sink, refrig, air cond...

For many of us, it is too minimal... but, it was exactly what they were now looking for, for where they want to go, over the next few years. It can easily got into the mountains, into the desert... and beats tenting on the ground in some of those places... which is the alternative. Of course, they can still do that, for some trips, as well [different set of rigs...].

The pod, in front, holds batteries and propane tank. 

Another of their vehicles, the RZR, an ATV, now has a neat trailer that is very useful. Here, Larry is hauling rock here, to put into his landscaping scheme.

They do also have a trailer for the RZR that carries tenting equipment. Many options. ;-)

It was another very good day!  ;-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

To Miller Lake and the Top of Boulder Mountain

To Miller Lake and the Top of Boulder Mountain

This is story is about our trip around the back of Boulder Mountain going north and west, then south,  and back east. We first went through Bicknell Bottoms, along the lower Pine Creek, past the Fish Hatchery, and then across some rather flat land, that reminded me a bit of the Flint Hills, in Kansas. It wasn't really flat, even though it looked that way. In a bit we could see the Palisades from the 'back side' with snow, just like on the north side!

We turned up a gravel road, and headed for the top of the mountain!

As we worked our way up the mountain, we took a side trip to Pine Creek (we'll share those photos here, a little later - some of them already appeared on Facebook!). Here, a photo looking back down into the valley from whence we came.

Before long, we actually ran into snow... how about that?

We went in and out for a while, as we went up; then, before long... it was all snow. Not a lot, but steady.

When we got to the "Y in the road" - one road went up to the top of the mountain...

We decided it was much more prudent, to just take the road to Miller Lake, and save the top for another time...  ;-)

Really nice lake - Miller Lake: snow, with mud underneath...  ;-) 10,000 feet...

Here, Larry is getting ready to take the neat photo of Annette and I she posted on Facebook.

Here is that photo...

Nancy watched from the Jeep, and enjoyed the Lake, as well!  ;-)

On the way back down...

We ended the day in Loa, had delicious pizza at our favorite pizza parlor!

Last time we were here, I took this same photo, and it sleeted... when we finished, the Jeep was covered with sleet! Today, it was real nice. We stopped by the grocery store, and headed for home.

It was a very nice day! ;-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Torrey and the Saddlery

Torrey and the Saddlery

On Sunday afternoon, we took a near twilight drive out north of the nearby town of Torry to the Rainbow housing area, under this mound... near the far end of one drive there, some one had a sign in front of their house that said: "End of the Rainbow"  ;-)

A few aspens were still in bloom in the area:

Our main goal was dinner at the Saddlery restaurant with snow on the Boulder Mountain palisades, above and behind Annette and Larry's house, in the distance. The eating place was behind me here.

We specifically came, tonight, because Lynsey Shelar was playing her violin. She is part of the House Band, The Adaptors, but on Sunday night, she plays solo - classical violin to country fiddle!!

During a break, I got a photo of Lynsey, on the right, along with her local 'teacher' Bonnie Mangold, on the left. We drive by Bonnie's house every time we go to and from Annette and Larry's house, up the mountain!

I got this (half way decent) photo of Lynsey playing her violin, assisted by a member of the Adaptors, for this one number, Bernie, playing spoons/bones.

Great food, great entertainment... pleasant evening!  ;-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Larb Hollow Overlook on Scenic Byway 12

Larb Hollow Overlook on Scenic Byway 12

I generally don't write about an 'overlook' but I'll make an exception, today - from the official Scenic Byway 12 website:

"As Scenic Byway 12 descends the northern side of Boulder Mountain, this scenic overlook commands a stunning view of southeastern Utah, especially the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park and the Henry Mountains."

There are three interpretive signs facing this 'stunning view' that I want to share with you today.
First, the sign and view, followed by a close up of the sign - click on it [each of the photo images to see a larger view], and you should be able to read it...

The southernmost of the three sign looks directly out over the lake in the valley below - the Lower Bowins Reservoir, to be more precise. A favorite summer beach as well as fishing spot.

The middle sign looks right at the Henry Mountains to the east (most of the snow had melted by today).

The third sign was directed a bit north of east, featuring the Waterpocket Fold in Capital Reef National Park - this sign has especially interesting history of a woman's roll in mapping and recording this country in SE Utah and beyond.

A fascinating location!  ;-)