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Friday, October 19, 2012

T@B camping trailer arrives at new Boulder Mountain home

T@B camping trailer arrives at new Boulder Mountain home

Larry backs the T@B teardrop camping trailer up to in front of the garage for temporary storage. He did a fantastic job... driving in the loose rock is hard enough [right, Ben?]; backing a trailer is very difficult... lots of patience required.

Annette and Larry bought his from some friends, it is a 2008, and been cared for immaculately and has most of the bells and whistles available, as well. They've been hoping to find something for certain kinds of 'short' trips. [The motor home is in the valley, for sale, not being used. Contact me if you are interested in a 37' Diesel, real neat, Endeavor motor home!]

Nancy was anxious to check it out, after seeing it on line. Note it has it's legs down, so it is balanced before Annette went inside. Here she is, demonstrated the cabinets that had been built in.

Here she shows some of the little 'tools' that came with it... this for utensils.

Here is a photo of the workarea - stove, sink, refrig, air cond...

For many of us, it is too minimal... but, it was exactly what they were now looking for, for where they want to go, over the next few years. It can easily got into the mountains, into the desert... and beats tenting on the ground in some of those places... which is the alternative. Of course, they can still do that, for some trips, as well [different set of rigs...].

The pod, in front, holds batteries and propane tank. 

Another of their vehicles, the RZR, an ATV, now has a neat trailer that is very useful. Here, Larry is hauling rock here, to put into his landscaping scheme.

They do also have a trailer for the RZR that carries tenting equipment. Many options. ;-)

It was another very good day!  ;-)


Allison said...

How cool!!!Doesn't look like there is a bathroom though??

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Nope. Notice I said 'minimal'... ;-)

Jenna said...

That is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! I want one....no wait i want the 37ft Endevour!! :)