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Monday, September 27, 2010

September Austin Highlights

This blog post is two weeks late, but better late than not, it seems to me. Many projects in the works...

I'll start with these to photos of Alex that were significant. He joined the Cub Scouts. This was a good photo taken at the first meeting. I have my own, but this one is better.

Kaylee got a sister shirt, same trip as getting the Cub Scout uniform: My brother is a Cub Scout. She wore it all the next day, even to school. Very proud.

While there, I got to walk/drive Alex to school each day and pick him up in the afternoon. Fun! On the last day, he had a special story to tell. His second tooth to come out had been real loose over the weekend - it decided it was time to come out at school. He was sent to the nurse's office. Must happen fairly regularly, because he came home with his tooth in a little white "Tooth Container" on a necklace!

He was pretty proud, and told the story several times, to each of us. Arrion was supposed to have gone to conferences in Houston while Ben had two long days and evenings of meetings at his work in Austin with the University of Texas. We had gone down "to cover" the kids activities! However, the day before we arrived, Arrion sprained her ankle and was on crutches all the time. No conference, but we were there to help out!

I also had the privilege of driving Kaylee to her pre-school at the Circle C Development Center each day, as well... in between the trips with Alex! Got to know her teachers well. She goes both MWF and TR, so she gets Music Guy twice - a local Austin musician. She really remembers and sings the songs he teaches. GREAT!

Off to pre-school; Kaylee seat in the back!

Here is a great photo of Arrion, with her ankle brace, and Alex and Kaylee!

Kaylee liked to relax and watch TV when she got home from pre-school:

Another day...

Alex usually had some homework; then some free time. Here with Grandma and his DS.

Kaylee in her Princess outfit...

We had a mini-birthday party for Arrion - birthday in a week or so...

 We had silly playtimes, of course...

As well as some quiet times...

It was a great week!  ;-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Airport and Humming Bird Updates

Airport and Humming Bird Updates

Last Saturday, Annette and Larry left from the Branson Airport after a visit of several days here after their trips to Illinois to see his family and to Toledo, Ohio, for the wedding of Annette's long-time friend, Denise. We played more games, the girls shopped... but I didn't take any other photos. Here is as they were getting out at the Branson Airport.

Nancy was just saying goodbye, not leaving....  ;-)

Humming Bird update - we still have three, and possibly a fourth. They were real active this morning, so I caught two at the kitchen window, I think the male and female... while the smaller one, a child perhaps, was at the living room window feeder. Early it seemed a fourth... but I can never catch them all four a feeders at the same time... maybe, another day!

It is cooler today. Had just a tad of rain. It is a very nice day!  ;-)