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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home to Emporia

Made the trip from Austin in the minimum ten hours. Had a great 12 days away; over 3000 miles, 7 states; 5 travel days, 5+ days in Utah, 2+ days in Austin!

I took the photo above, myself, by holding the camera out in front and snapping - got lucky!

Two working weeks left to retirement from ESU.

It was a very good day! ;-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photo at Pre-K Graduation

While the graduation was going on, Kaylee was one many younger brothers and sisters "failing" at sitting in their chairs... patiently... Grandpa was the "designated follower" - to keep Kaylee out of too much trouble. The photo above, was one of the more quiet moments, actually! Thanks to Arrion for this photo!

It was a very good day! ;-)

Friday, May 29, 2009

2 weeks to R day

Played with Kaylee most of the day. One of many photos... growing and learning every day!

Attended grandson Alex's Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies this evening. As my work life ends, Alex's formal schooling begins in the fall. And the cycle continues, without end. A little philosophy there! Plenty of photos will be shared!

It was a very good day! ;-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arrived in Austin

We arrived safely in Austin about 4:30... played with Kaylee, a lot! Really growing and jabbers non-stop, even can pick up a few words, from time to time... Grandpa is in her vocabulary, and she uses it regularly. What more could we want?!?!? ;-)

Alex, his mom, Arrion, and Grandma talking Animal Crossing,Pitfall, Star Wars, etc. I showed him some Farm Town, and he was liked planting crops and selling things... ;-)

It was a very good day! ;-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks for a great extended weekend!

A big thank you to Larry and Annette, above at the Saturday Entrada Event, for a great extended Memorial Day Weekend at their home and nearby territory we visited in Utah for nearly a week. A few of the activities have been included in earlier posts.

We left early this morning, and twelve hours later are in Roswell, NM, for the night at the Holiday Inn Express. On to Austin on Thursday. Look forward to seeing you, Arrion, Ben, Alex and Kaylee.

It was a very good day! ;-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It rarely rains in Utah...

We seem to have a direct effect on the weather in Utah when we arrive. It has rained every day we have been here - and, it rarely rains in this part of Utah! Average annual precipitation (rain/snow) in Wayne County is 7-8 inches!

Above, Annette has her camera out to capture the Rainbow, as well. We've had a great visit - but doing some things a little different than we originally thought. Went over to the Capital Reef Visitor's Center, yesterday, took picnic stuff, for example. By the time we got there, it was too wet to picnic, so did some sight-seeing, watched the good film in the visitor center, and returned to the house for our "picnic!"

It was a very good day! ;-)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Boulder Anasazi Museum State Park

Annette took this nice photo of Bill and Nancy at the Anasazi Museum in Boulder. Note the nice background of Capitol Reef National Park, to the east, as well. Ate lunch at the Burr Trail Grill.

It was a very good day! ;-)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blue Sage

The Blue Sage musical group entertained last night... see post yesterday. Mike Iverson is the lead on banjo/guitar and singing. His wife is on the Bass and sings some background. Currently, their daughter, Heather is on violin. Rob Ricks, on the right, joined the "Trio" for our performance, giving us "dual fiddles" - which have special songs that they do. Rob had been the violin for several years, but went off to Yale, to finish his MBA! Neat! Really good. He also sings great background on slow numbers as well.

It was a very good day! ;-)

Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering

Saturday night, we attended the Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering of the Entrada Institute - orginally scheduled for Torrey, but moved to the Bicknell Community Center because of the rain most of the day. After some fun and interesting opening acts, Blue Sage was the featured act. More on them, tomorrow.

Everyone wore western wear of some sort... I had taken my black leather hat for the occasion, Nancy had we neck wear. A good time was had by all!

It was a very good day! ;-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Three weeks to R day

Drove up to Fish Lake on Friday, had a great lunch. Photo above, was up that way, on Thursday - a View Site along I-70, just before we turned south, past the Fish Lake area, actually. This photo view is looking north.

It was a very good day! ;-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First day in Utah 21 May 2009

Drove 700 miles on Wednesday, to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, enroute to Boulder Mountain, near Teasdale, Utah, to visit Annette and Larry.

Arrived at house about 2 pm... relaxed on the deck. Here is Annette with nice view. [Only seem to be able to load one photo, at top only, tonight?!?!]

Sloppy Joes for supper... and deviled eggs! ... rest of evenings on four computers and Wii... Oh yes, angel food cake with fresh strawberries and cool whip!

It was a very good day! ;-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

4 Weeks to Retirement

Today was my last monthly meeting of the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, Inc., in Wamego. Received very nice accolades for my service over the years, as leader the last two years.

Received a nice limestone block with logo on front and kind words on the back. First this has been done. Nice!

Heavy rain on the way back, bit of hail at suppertime, nothing dangerous - worst went around us, again.

It was a very good day! ;-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reception Photo

Thanks to Allen Walker, we have some nice photos from the reception last Friday. This one is especially nice, with brother Barry, our Endowed Chair of Finance, offering me a piece of cake, as Associate Dean of The Teacher's College, Ken Weaver, looks on. I'm pointing the photo of our family. Nancy listens attentively. ;-)

It was a very good day! ;-)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nice Retirement Reception

Dean Wen and the School of Business provided a very nice Retirement Reception for me yesterday, from 3-5, on Friday. Nancy participated as well. Lots of folks stopped by. I had also gotten cards and notes from several folks who couldn't stop by. Got a nice painting of an ESU retirement chair... glad it wasn't the chair... wouldn't have room!

Five weeks to go, getting to be serious, in terms of things to do, to complete the move. Sorted some more books today. Most going to Library... couldn't have done that a few months ago!

It was another good day! ;-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Six weeks from today...

Six weeks from today will be my last day as a full-time professor and chair at ESU. Then retirement will be for real and I can comment on that new status. The time has gone by very quickly, and I have kept very busy. I have developed a least five sets of activities in addition to spending more time with family. The Wii Fit exercise program... I'm now on 12th day, I believe, has also been very helpful and I look forward to continuing that routine - with and without the technology. Next Friday will be the "retirement reception" here at ESU.

It has been a very good day! ;-)