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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rain tests backyard 'maintenance' work

Rain tests backyard 'maintenance' work

Well, the nice rain we had today provided a good test of how the water runs in our backyard after the work that was done by all the machines of the excavating company on the sewer line.

To the north, they seemed to do a pretty good job.

To the south, they seemed to do a pretty good job. Perhaps a little messy, nearby.

Behind our cabin... very messy!

Much standing water... several spots... not draining.
We still have the 'spring' to the right, but no place for it to go, except into one of the pools.
Aren't the caterpiller tracks just great!
And, rocks, rocks, and more rocks. 
No way that can ever be mowed!
Complaint sent off to Board of Directors, to see what we can do.  ;-)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wilderness RV Resort Neighborhood Yard Sale

Wilderness RV Resort 
Neighborhood Yard Sale

We were actually here this year for the Fall Neighborhood Yard Sale, and were able to gather some stuff out of the storage and participate in the yard sale. Allison brought over some stuff, as well, and we had a really successful sale. These photos are near the end, but are representative.

Marilyn (and Bob) next door were out, as well.

I took a photo of Allison waiting for the next customers...

Then, she returned the favor!  ;-)

Overall, It was a very good day! Perfect weather, sold most of our stuff. Hard to beat!  ;-)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Austin - Kaylee at Little Gym

More Austin
Kaylee at Little Gym

This post is a bit late - due to unforeseeable circumstances. We were half way home from Austin on Friday, when I realized I had left my camera on the shelf; with these Kaylee Little Gym photos on the camera, not downloaded. Of course, we expected to fly from Springfield to Utah on Tuesday, so we contacted Arrion to send the camera to Utah, which she did.

Sadly, Nancy became ill on Sunday, so the flight to Utah had to be cancelled. Therefore, we needed to ask Annette to send the camera back here to Missouri once it arrived in Utah, which she did. Thanks, all around!  ;-)

Our last night in Austin, I got to take Kaylee to her hour at Little Gym, while Arrion and Ben went to a concert, and Nancy worked with Alex.

The hour consisted of an opening, and three sessions. I was sitting outside the big glass windows and door. Sometime quite a ways away, sometimes close, so we move in and out a lot. Of course, the kids are almost constantly in motion. This is what I got. starting with the lead instructor talking to the kids in a circle. Kaylee is in pink, second from the right in this first one, head partially obscured...  ;-)

After talking a while, they do some exercises... two young ladies assisted. Kaylee is in the center, a boy's hand over her face...  ;-)

They work the following three sessions in teams. Here the teams line up to go to session One, with the girl assistant leading the way. Kaylee is next to the back in this group.

The girl assistant talked to them before they started the routine, at the far right end of the room. She seemed to want them to focus on what they were about to do.

Only got one other decent photo of this session... they kept walking behind things... tumbling, etc.

The second session was right in front of me; with the lead instructor. Here, she walks on the the high beam on all fours, then stands, at the end, and jumps off, to practice landings!

After they land, to the right, they turn to the left, and walk up the yellow stairs to the parallel bars, again walking on all fours along the small bars. Have a couple different looks at this. Kaylee in all pink, in the center.

They go around and around about five or six times. Here she is finishing the crawl, and ends on the box, at left, and to the ground.

Think the instructor got bored, so did the crawl, as well. Two or three times during the evening, he had Kaylee demonstrate a move or action at the start of a session. She seems to be doing very well. ;-)

This is the second set of parallel bars, in session 2. I included the photo to show the high and low bar in session three, behind. The assistant is helping a girl on the low bar of the two. When you see Kaylee, in a bit, she will be holding onto the high bar.

This is the finish of session Two, off to the left; then, it is back to the high balance beam in the foreground.

Between Session Two and Three, they line up again, to move to the next area; far side, left end of the building from where I sat. Here Kaylee was first in the line, getting ready to go.

This activity in Session Three was walking on the narrower low balance beam... she is working hard at her balance; see those hands out!  ;-)

Here is where she was working the high bar with the other assistant in Session Three. She is standing on the lower bar; then hangs from the high bar; then falls/jumps into a round protected tubing, to get used to the landing.

This is the third activity in Session three. It is similar parallel bars, but they are supposed to crawl feet first, like this. Kaylee did it pretty well. Most of the kids did upside down, hands first, like they did on in Session One. Good for Kaylee!  ;-)

Then, they went back in the far corner for some closing discussion and 'quiet down' before they came back out, retrieved their shoes, and headed home - with Grandpa, in our case!  Good time had by all. I got a 'good exercise' just watching!  ;-)

It was another very good day!  ;-)