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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seven Weeks to end of Contract at ESU

Mowed the lawn this morning, before it rained - stormed - this afternoon! Great timing. How many more time will I need to mow?!?!? ;-)

Packed another box of books, with the NFL Draft on the TV... Josh Freeman, QB of KSU, went 17. Dallas didn't pick on day one, in round one and two - round two just ended - but have 12 tomorrow, they say. Lots of trading down, today... Jets made big trade up, to get Sanchez!

Helped Mom pack winter clothes in tubs... assume we won't need them... hope we are not too optimistic! Sorted pictures off the walls, split between Hollister and our bedroom in Utah!

It is a very good day! ;-)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Semester Projects, New Macs, and Wii Fit

We spend a long weekend in Austin last week - Ben and Arrion to Chicago for a wedding; left the two kids with Annette, Larry, Nancy and I.... had a great time! Rained... of all things! When not, enjoyed some T-ball practice with Alex in the back yard and Kaylee on the swing and everywhere - she never stops!

Left Larry with the kids for a few minutes one day, and went to the Apple Store. Nancy and I both got our new laptops... neat... lot of learning to do, now! Many thanks to Annette for assistance and software we didn't expect.

While there, I got behind on my student assignments in my two classes - term projects were coming in - and then, when we got back home, I've had meetings about everyday - all day, yesterday. Lots of excuses! Finally got all caught up, a few minutes ago - so I can write this.

Finally, for evening entertainment, we got a Wii Fit and Balance Board. Tonight will be my 5th day... I think it is actually making a difference. Has Yoga, Balance, Strength and Aerobic exercises. I do one or two of all four, each day, for now... must not rush... must not get bored. Time will tell.

It is a very good day! ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Visit to New Home

As we hit the nine weeks to retirement weekend, we are visiting our cabin in Hollister for the Easter weekend. I got my desk finished, last night, and got the new copier/printer/scanner fax set up to copy... other stuff later. Took a few things down, moved a few things between cabin and storage... ongoing process, probably never to end! A place for everything, everything in its place.

Purple iris blooming out front. Leaves just starting to come out on the tree in front. Water running in the back yard, so have had good precipitation. Watching the Masters.

It is a very good day! ;-)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ten Weeks mark has arrived

We did get snow last week! Only 2-3 inches however, but preceded by ice. See the ice on the green grass before the snow fell.Ok, here is a better photo of the snow:

This was on Saturday... by the end of the day, on Sunday, most of the snow was gone. Maybe, it really is spring! ;-)

This week has been up and down, day by day, hot and cold.... you'd think it was Kansas! ;-)

I stayed home a couple of days, this week, trying to shed a cold and chest congestion ...
seem to finally be getting better.

It was a very good day ... looking forward to more to come! ;-)