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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holly Hock Flower Update - two weeks later

Holly Hock Flower Update

Two Weeks Later

Just a quick update. Really cold week. Have had the flower box in the house all of the last 48 hours and a couple of nights before that... it was freezing outside. They are still growing, tho'....

Looking good!  ;-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holly Hock Flower Update - one week later

Holly Hock Flower Update - one week later

Note: This is a personal update, primarily for the benefit of myself and my grandson, Alex.

One week ago, we planted a bunch of dried Holly Hock flower seeds that I'd gotten from Brother T.K. last summer. Alex and I planted them in a window box full of miracle grow potting soil. I wasn't even sure they would grow at all. Well, here we are, a week later...

The near 'green things' were up yesterday; today there is a whole row and the beginning of a second. Neat! Whereas I had been watering on the surface, today I put water in the bottom of the Window Box. You can see the water level. It says it will last for two weeks.

 Other flower updates in the backyard... by nature, daffodils still blooming, but about done. There appears to be a little tulip nearby... don't know if it will survive to bloom...

Over in the transplanted iris bed, growth is appearing.

To the right, there are some pretty little purple flowers...

I am easily interested... ;-)  ...  even violets with a few dandelions...  ;-)

More next week...

It was a very good day!  ;-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Day Four and a Half

Spring Break Day Four and a Half

These are some photos from Arrion's camera, including minigolf and flowers in the backyard...  ;-)

The Rathsack family went to play mini-golf one day at the Dinosaur course.

Kaylee putting the ball...

Alex putting the ball...

Alex in front of one of the dinos...

The family together...

Alex and Bill in the backyard with the daffodils in bloom...

Arrion made a 'raft' for Alex...

Here Alex is floating the raft. We also used leaves and sticks of various sizes. Good straight sticks actually worked the best!  ;-)

We'll get back to Day Five at Silver Dollar City, and Day Six, a little later on. They went home on Saturday. Had a great week. Enjoyed watching March Madness... Arizona to Sweet Sixteen, so that was nice, as well.

I was a very nice day. About 75. Went for long walk.  ;-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Day Four - Wednesday

Spring Break Day Four - Wednesday

A relatively quiet day, in preparation for a BIG day on Thursday, at Silver Dollar City, previewed below!

Here, Alex is playing a game with Grandma, before bedtime, the night before...

Alex and I planted some Holly Hock flower seeds that I had gotten from my brother, T.K., last summer. It will be interesting to see if any of the grow. They're kind of old, really should have planted them last fall, but never got to it. We'll see, and keep you advised.

When we were last in Austin, we got Kaylee a Microphone, that she like to use to sing songs. We don't have one up here, so Grandma and Kaylee were improvising, with other toys substituting for a Mic...

Kaylee was using a hammer!  ...   ;-)

Here is a preview of Silver Dollar City on Thursday... Alex in jail!

We have him here, every year since he was six months old... will be 7 the end of April!

Kaylee wanted in on the action, but a little afraid of the dark inside...

She got some help from Daddie....

Just down the path from the jail, is the bakery... cinnamon bread has become a family tradition!
Her, Alex is talking to Grandma while Arrion purchases the bread...

The cinnamon bread arrived!!!  ;-) Yum!

After filling our tummies, it was off to the kiddie rides... see us there, tomorrow!  ;-)

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be at Silver Dollar City - just as we had planned! ;-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Day Three - Tuesday

Spring Break Day Three - Tuesday

Ben and I took Alex and Kaylee to a couple of Hollister City Parks late morning on Tuesday.

We first went to the City park by the City Hall. Here Ben, Alex and Kaylee are on the 1912 bridge that used to span Turkey Creek, 300 meters to the east, the sign says! City Hall, in the background.

Turning to the right, up the hill, along the stream that runs under the bridge, there is a nice little waterfall.

There are actually some smaller falls on upstream behind where the kids are standing. There is actually a nice picnic table just to the right, from where this photo was taken.

We then went back down the path,  past the bridge, where there is a neat Gazebo and another bench.

Ben took this photo of Kaylee and Alex and I at the bench. While we were there, a cardinal flew over. Alex said he saw three. I took this photo to capture the moment.

Next, we back up the road to the Downing View Park, a small playground and park area, overlooking the Downing Street - downtown old Hollister - across the railroad tracks from the City Hall area.

And the "Downing View" - down Downing Street, with Old English buildings at the far end.

City Hall forward and around to the left. Downing Street is on the right. See Ben, Alex and Kaylee on the swings. Here is the better (ok, not much better) photo taken from near the back of the van...  ;-)

 Alex got to go down the slide, on the old towel from the van, to remove a bit of water left from the rain.

Then, Kaylee was ready to slide.

Kaylee pushing Daddie on the swing!

Looking back up the hill toward the sign...

Special Poe-esque photo moment - the Crow in the Tree with dark clouds behind:

Though a bit chilly, the sun felt good when it was out.

Picked up Subway sandwiches for adults and chicken nuggets for kids at McDonalds on the way back to the cabin.

It was a good day!  ;-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Day Two - Monday

Spring Break Day Two - Monday

Monday night we decided to get Papa John's pizza - we'd all been out and around all day - Allison worked all day and stopped by after...

At lunch time, we took two cars, and ate at McFarlin's at the IMAX complex, then Ben, Arrion and Alex stayed there to see the movie, Rango. Bill, Nancy and Kaylee went for a ride that included stopping at Books-A-Million to see Allison at work, bought some stuff; then to Target (Kaylee's favorite story) and bought some more stuff!

So by evening, CARRYOUT! [Grandpa got do the "carrying" of course!  ;-)]

Afterwards, Kaylee got Allison to "play ball" - ok, they sit on the floor and roll it back and forth. Here, they were having a discussion, and Alex was "looking after the ball." Not sure what that all meant... !

[The following are actually from the next day, but fit better here]

Recycling and trash carryout are everyday events at the little cabin, so, today, we made it a family affair. Bill has cardboard and cans, Ben has trash and plastic bottles, Kaylee and Alex have their helmets and scooters.... Arrion took the photo, thank you very much!  ;-)

She seemed to like this view, as well!

For orientation, the mailboxes are just left of Bill, and the trash and recycling dropoffs are behind the fence beyond the mailboxes. A nice walk on a cool, but nice day!

An indoor activity to add here - playdough, while Ben and Arrion were out shopping - got some new playdough at Target!

And, in case you don't get the full-effect in this one, try a closer look...

She really "gets after it" when she plays!  ;-) Needless to say, cleanup was really fun, as well!

The rain had ended and the sun was out! It was a very good day!  ;-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday of Spring Break Week

Sunday of Spring Break Week

We got an early start on Sunday. Kaylee wanted to walk on the back deck, even though is was little cool.
When we got out there, we saw the little daffodils... so both Alex and Kaylee lined up... still half asleep, perhaps!

Back up on the deck, they liked the swing... for a few minutes, anyway!

A little later, Kaylee got out her scooter to show Grandpa. She can really go. Just going in a circle, here. We went down the street, both directions...  ;-)

Shortly after noon, we went into down for lunch... ended up at Fall Creek restaurant. Nice. "Tossed Rolls" are fun.

Allison came over in the afternoon and we all enjoyed that!

It was a very good day!  ;-)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Geocache Information in Hollister

From the Geocache:

CHAD A FUQUA MEMORIAL PARK…located on the North side of Hollister Town Hall is about a .6 mile flat walking trail with resting benches, vintage light poles and resting benches. Commerative and memorial bricks line to walking trail to honor those we love and special events in our lives. Take a short hike up Hackett Falls trail to find a beautiful place to picnic.

Permission was granted by the Hollister Parks Director.

With the establishment of the first US Land Office in Springfield in 1835 came a migration of rugged pioneer families into the virgin Ozark wilderness of Southwest Missouri. Malinda Fortner was one of these early pioneers. Little is known of her past or why she chose the demanding life of a homesteader. The original 120 acre tract of land on which she established her claim in 1867 was the beginning for a crossroads settlement along the West Bank of Turkey Creek in the early 1880's.
Around the turn of the century, Rueben Kirkham opened a general store and applied to the Post Office Department for permission to establish a Post Office suggesting the name HOLLISTER after the birth place of his daughter in Hollister, California. Permission was granted and in 1904 the name of the Ozarks settlement was established.

With the coming of the St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad the area was opened to new expansion. It became the headquarters for the Mo-Pac Agricultural Agent of the White River Division. The area achieved tremendous agricultural development. Berries, vegetables, grape vineyards, orchards, cotton and tobacco flourished and the amount, variety of stock and produce shipped from the station in the early years was phenomenal.

W.H. Johnson and Professor J.W. Blankenship platted and started the major development of a beautiful English style village which attracted visitors from all over the world. Johnson's dream resulted in the row of quaint Elizabethan structures which is now Downing Street. His son W.W. Johnson, built the historic Ye English Inn in 1912 and it became a stopover for travelers with special trains bringing visitors to a then remote area.

Hollister was incorporated as a town in 1910 with Professor J.W. Blankenship becoming the first mayor.

Hollister is noted for bringing to Taney County the first major influx of tourism. It had the first iron bridge in Taney County which still spans Turkey Creek, the first paved street, electric lights, movie house, the first registered pharmacist and modern steam heated hotel.

The colorful history of this unusual Ozark town is fascinating and covers and era when stock wars were waged between merchants and stockmen. Grape carnivals promoted by the railroad were gala affairs where men and women of an age gone by helped to build an unique English Village in the Ozarks. . .Hollister, Missouri

Local Historian, Viola Hartman, is credited with Hollister's being placed on the National Register of Historical sites In 1978.

Interesting bit of history, on a very nice day!  ;-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Allison's Birthday Party 2011

Allison's Birthday Party 2011

We took Allison to Grand Country Buffet for lunch, then we took a drive out west of town, including Wal*Mart in Branson West.

On returning home, we had her birthday party. Here Nancy is applying the candles.

Lighting the candles - didn't burn the cabin down, fortunately!  ;-)

Blowing out the candles... safely, and completely, again!  ;-)

A big birthday smile, with hat!  ;-)

Gifts!  ;-) Partial...  ;-)

It was another very good day!  ;-)