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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Day Four - Wednesday

Spring Break Day Four - Wednesday

A relatively quiet day, in preparation for a BIG day on Thursday, at Silver Dollar City, previewed below!

Here, Alex is playing a game with Grandma, before bedtime, the night before...

Alex and I planted some Holly Hock flower seeds that I had gotten from my brother, T.K., last summer. It will be interesting to see if any of the grow. They're kind of old, really should have planted them last fall, but never got to it. We'll see, and keep you advised.

When we were last in Austin, we got Kaylee a Microphone, that she like to use to sing songs. We don't have one up here, so Grandma and Kaylee were improvising, with other toys substituting for a Mic...

Kaylee was using a hammer!  ...   ;-)

Here is a preview of Silver Dollar City on Thursday... Alex in jail!

We have him here, every year since he was six months old... will be 7 the end of April!

Kaylee wanted in on the action, but a little afraid of the dark inside...

She got some help from Daddie....

Just down the path from the jail, is the bakery... cinnamon bread has become a family tradition!
Her, Alex is talking to Grandma while Arrion purchases the bread...

The cinnamon bread arrived!!!  ;-) Yum!

After filling our tummies, it was off to the kiddie rides... see us there, tomorrow!  ;-)

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be at Silver Dollar City - just as we had planned! ;-)

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