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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Day Three - Tuesday

Spring Break Day Three - Tuesday

Ben and I took Alex and Kaylee to a couple of Hollister City Parks late morning on Tuesday.

We first went to the City park by the City Hall. Here Ben, Alex and Kaylee are on the 1912 bridge that used to span Turkey Creek, 300 meters to the east, the sign says! City Hall, in the background.

Turning to the right, up the hill, along the stream that runs under the bridge, there is a nice little waterfall.

There are actually some smaller falls on upstream behind where the kids are standing. There is actually a nice picnic table just to the right, from where this photo was taken.

We then went back down the path,  past the bridge, where there is a neat Gazebo and another bench.

Ben took this photo of Kaylee and Alex and I at the bench. While we were there, a cardinal flew over. Alex said he saw three. I took this photo to capture the moment.

Next, we back up the road to the Downing View Park, a small playground and park area, overlooking the Downing Street - downtown old Hollister - across the railroad tracks from the City Hall area.

And the "Downing View" - down Downing Street, with Old English buildings at the far end.

City Hall forward and around to the left. Downing Street is on the right. See Ben, Alex and Kaylee on the swings. Here is the better (ok, not much better) photo taken from near the back of the van...  ;-)

 Alex got to go down the slide, on the old towel from the van, to remove a bit of water left from the rain.

Then, Kaylee was ready to slide.

Kaylee pushing Daddie on the swing!

Looking back up the hill toward the sign...

Special Poe-esque photo moment - the Crow in the Tree with dark clouds behind:

Though a bit chilly, the sun felt good when it was out.

Picked up Subway sandwiches for adults and chicken nuggets for kids at McDonalds on the way back to the cabin.

It was a good day!  ;-)

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