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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Day Two - Monday

Spring Break Day Two - Monday

Monday night we decided to get Papa John's pizza - we'd all been out and around all day - Allison worked all day and stopped by after...

At lunch time, we took two cars, and ate at McFarlin's at the IMAX complex, then Ben, Arrion and Alex stayed there to see the movie, Rango. Bill, Nancy and Kaylee went for a ride that included stopping at Books-A-Million to see Allison at work, bought some stuff; then to Target (Kaylee's favorite story) and bought some more stuff!

So by evening, CARRYOUT! [Grandpa got do the "carrying" of course!  ;-)]

Afterwards, Kaylee got Allison to "play ball" - ok, they sit on the floor and roll it back and forth. Here, they were having a discussion, and Alex was "looking after the ball." Not sure what that all meant... !

[The following are actually from the next day, but fit better here]

Recycling and trash carryout are everyday events at the little cabin, so, today, we made it a family affair. Bill has cardboard and cans, Ben has trash and plastic bottles, Kaylee and Alex have their helmets and scooters.... Arrion took the photo, thank you very much!  ;-)

She seemed to like this view, as well!

For orientation, the mailboxes are just left of Bill, and the trash and recycling dropoffs are behind the fence beyond the mailboxes. A nice walk on a cool, but nice day!

An indoor activity to add here - playdough, while Ben and Arrion were out shopping - got some new playdough at Target!

And, in case you don't get the full-effect in this one, try a closer look...

She really "gets after it" when she plays!  ;-) Needless to say, cleanup was really fun, as well!

The rain had ended and the sun was out! It was a very good day!  ;-)

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