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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sewer Line Trenching - Phase II?

Sewer Line Trenching
Phase II?

Back in the middle of July, I had a few posts about the sewer line trenching going on in the 'backyard' of our cabin - well, now in mid-August, they are back tearing it up, again, and now they are actually laying the pipe.

The big trencher came through, broke through the rock about three feet wide and five feet deep. Then, they came back through and filled it in. Now, a big power scoop is digging a path through the trench in which to lay the pipe. Let's take a look. They started at the north end, and working toward us. Here are some of the sections of pipe, awaiting their turn.

Here is the 'beaten ground' directly behind us, waiting for the next phase to arrive.

As they got closer, Nancy wanted to take a closer look at what has been making so much noise, starting at 6:30 in the morning.

Here she got up close and personal with the machine, after they were done in the afternoon.

Want to lay some pipe? Here it comes...

Oops - water in the ditch... what shall we do? Right behind our cabin!

First, fill it in with gravel, to lay the pipe on... oh, by the way, let's put in a manhole!

Pick it up, and put it in place...

Looking back down the line...

They got this in about noon... rather that moving on, they stopped progress and spend the afternoon filling in the dirt over the pipe already laid.

More gravel coming...

So, more noise tomorrow, it seems.

Temp in the 80s - looking pretty good...  ;-)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Travel Update Page

This a page to update our old travel pages, since it has been too hot, and we've been at home.

http://www.reocities.com/billnancysmith/travels.html - replaced old GeoCities pages that were removed.

Still a few pages missing, but, that is ok. Thanks to 'reocities' - whoever you are!  ;-)

We went to Bob Evans for Nancy's birthday, and to Grand Country Buffet for our Anniversary (tomorrow).

Just had a little shower to break the many, many days of heat - many over 100; record 108 on Nancy's birthday.  ;-)