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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trenching and Back Filling

Trenching and Back Filling

To continue the saga of the trenching in our back yard - 'utility easement.'

The monster trencher approaches our cabin as Kaylee looked on, this was July 15.

Later that day, they stopped for a long time right behind our cabin. They were making a slight adjustment in direction. Here the two operators are doing survey work to ascertain where they are and where they were going to go.

They continued on...

Here you get to see the cloud they created as they moved on to the south. Later in the day, a guy with a backhoe came along and filled in the trench they had dug!

What? They dug the trench, then filled it in! To the south...

This was taken July 19; they had dug clear to the south end of sub-division, and stopped. Then, had back filled it all in. They will eventually keep going south, up the hill to where the new development is.

Here is the back fill completed, north of us.

This is where we stand, now. I assume another machine comes and lays the tile, where the rocky soil has now been broken up... time will tell.

They have been interesting days!  ;-)

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