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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten Days in July 2011

Ten Days in July 2011

Okay, I'm behind in posting photos of our activities the last ten days or so. Arrion, Alex and Kaylee visited all last week; and, we were surprised by a visit from Annette and Larry on Tuesday, last week, and they were here again the last couple of days. It is now Tuesday afternoon, and they are out at the Branson Airport, awaiting their flight back to Utah... here are some highlights of these ten day, I'll post other photos, later on... it will be quiet around here!  ;-)

This is my favorite introductory photo... just after Arrion, Alex and Kaylee arrived on Saturday afternoon.

A little later, Alex and Kaylee had been playing with the Trio blocks...

All during the week, work continued in our 'back yard' - actually a utility easement area. Here Kaylee is watching the monster trencher approaching our area. We stayed inside as it passed our house, with it's clouds of dust... and noise...  ;-) More on this operation in another post.

One of the goals of the week was to play mini-golf. Here is Alex at the Dinosaur course.

Note: The photos in this 'highlight' post are a mix of my camera and Arrion's - and a few on mine by Arrion and on Arrion's by Kaylee... I'll let you guess which are which, if you care...  ;-) Another photo on this mini-golf outing on Monday, which was Allison's day off of work.

Larry's dad fell and broke his hip, so was in the hospital up in Springfield, IL. So, Annette and Larry flew in to be with him for his surgery later in the week. He is 90+. They flew into Branson Airport on Tuesday, then drove our Honda up to Illinois on Wednesday.

Here is Annette with the kids...

Later, they did a dance... It reminded us of a photo from long ago (to be saved for a later post, as well)...

As often as it works out for two of our daughters to be together at one time (three or four times a year, at least), it is fairly rare when all three are in one place at one time. Since this was one, Monday evening, here is the 'capture,' with the two grand kids.

To be sure no one is left out of this post, here are Nancy and Larry, a bit later...

On Wednesday. Arrion decided it was Silver Dollar City day, even though the weather was really hot, all week. We had decided earlier that Kaylee would prefer to go to the city parks, swing, etc. with Grandma and Grandpa rather than 'slow down' Arrion and Alex at SDC. Well, come Wed morn, it was rainy. Plans were carried out, anyway. Here is Alex in his smurf outfit on one of the rides.

Actually, it only rained a bit... and it was hot and humid, Arrion said, but attendance was WAY down, so there were no lines, but all the rides were working. They stayed all day, and had a great time... in spite of the faces they made, here, at the jail!

Later in the week, we went to Grand Country Buffett for brunch and then played indoor mini-golf - here is one photo.

Another day, when Arrion had a webinar and a conference call to handle, Nancy and I took the kids to the all morning "Amazing Pets" show, in this same Grand Country complex. Lots of fun for the kids... it went very well. It is nice to be able to do more and different things as they are getting older.

Arrion, Alex and Kaylee headed back to Austin, on Saturday, and ended up driving all the way. That was nice. Ben had been in Canada, all week, fishing with his Dad. He returned Saturday night... and was to leave on a business trip to Japan on Sunday... ah, young folks!  ;-)

I'll post some other photos of the ten day a little later on... enjoy!

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