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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Pine Tree came tumbling down

The Pine Tree came tumbling down

Well, my birthday and the 4th of July have come and gone. Now, the day after, the 'back yard construction' has finally begun. We have lived with the 'stakes in back' for a few months now. And, the story that a maintenance line was going to be dug from the south to the north through our back yard at the cabin.

Well, early this morning, the excavation machine, part 1, came through to 'clear the way' - removing anything in the path of the the 'digger' to come later. Here, the machine appeared to be stripping the branches from the side of the big pine tree, next door north.

Wrong, the whole tree was going... going... gone.

And, pummeled into 'nothing!'

Then, on down the line, to repeat the rape and plunder.

Our back yard, after the final pass...

And, off to the south - past Allison's house in the other development, and to the top of the hill, where the new development is going in... and needs to connect to the Taney County sewer system, on the north edge of our development.

On a more pleasant note - more red flowers blooming, in the front of the house, behind the 'little' holly.

It was another very hot day!  ;-)

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