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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Days in Austin plus puzzle done

Last Days in Austin plus puzzle done

Annette helped Alex build this lego game - he and Kaylee enjoyed playing it. See Annette in the background, as well.

Arrion and Annette were running DVDs of old movie musicals. Kaylee got out her microphone, dressed in her ballet recital outfit, and sang and danced for us. Surprisingly well, actually!  ;-)

Arrion seems to enjoy cooking for all of us when we visit - this is a tribute to her efforts!  ;-)

Here is Allison opening gifts after we returned to the cabin - this one was from Annette - some smell-good lavender!  ;-)

This is the snow we have had so far...  looking forward to same on New Year's Eve day...

We did a puzzle that Allison got us for Christmas, from BAM, during pro football games today! ;-)

You can see Nancy's cane - her part of the picture, she said. We each did big chunks, and each struggled, together, to finish the blue sky, but, we did it!!  ;-)

It was another good day!  ;-)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day, Batch 2 of 2

Christmas Day, Batch 2 of 2

I only take selected photos, and, of course, they don't all come out as well as I'd like; so, here are a few more, after I selected the Batch 1 pictures...

Another favorite DVD for Arrion:

Arrion got me a University of Arizona 2012 National Championship Baseball Team shirt!

Alex and Kaylee each got lots of books, that they liked a lot!

Grandma enjoyed some handmade items from Alex and Kaylee, a couple of books, and a new set of sheets (for me, too!), among other items.

Ben got three set of shirts and ties; for his more frequent manager travels, perhaps!

Larry liked the Shameless cd he got from Allison...

Kaylee tried on her pancho...

Alex was pleased to see the Physics/Chemistry lab, from Grandma and Grandpa.

Arrion got me a new headset with built-in mike, for webinars, etc....

Annette had fun with the Orb that Alex got!!  ;-)

Here was Christmas dinner, pork, sweet potatoes, cranberry jello, rolls.... YUM!

Later, this afternoon:

Annette had constructed the Barbie Dreamhouse; Kaylee playing...

And, finally for today, Alex and Ben trying out the Wii U in HD - beautiful!!  ;-)

Hope you had a great one, as well!!  ;-)

Christmas Day, Batch 1 of 2

Christmas Day, Batch 1 of 2

Santa brought Kaylee her Barbie Dreamhouse; Annette assembled this afternoon.

Alex, and whole family, got a new Wii U!

Kudos to Amazon Wish Lists - everyone got neat things they wanted!

Uncle Larry, as well as Annette, got micro-spikes, for hiking!

Annette got some hiking bottles...

Ben, and family, got a family tent!

... as well as a sander, for himself, from us!

Alex got a new bike helmet!

Among other things, Kaylee got the 'doll holder' she wanted from Grandma!

Arrion had a variety of DVDs, some old, some new... here were two, from Allison!

I got the Seward book from my list...

End of Part 1...  ;-)

Rest of Pre-Christmas Photos in Austin

Rest of Pre-Christmas Photos in Austin

Cute photo of Kaylee and Ben...

Rathsack family watching a TV movie!  ;-)

Had a few chances to play cards and card games - this was PIT!  ;-)

We took Kaylee to Burger King on Saturday...
She enjoyed the playground...  ;-)

And, of course, the iPads were prominent all week!

Christmas comes next...  ;-)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday-Saturday in Austin

Friday-Saturday in Austin

Candid photos, along the way...

Annette and Kaylee coloring a box!

Alex and Kaylee, shortly after we arrived... watching TV.

Kids in front of the tree...

Kaylee and Annette had a parade... getting ready for Parade of Roses on New Years!

Alex and Ben just back from getting haircuts! ;-)

Arrion, Bex and Alex are going to see "The Hobbit" in a bit!

It is another very nice day!  ;-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hollister Cabin Christmas

Hollister Cabin Christmas

We had our Christmas with Allison today before we leave for Texas to spend Christmas Day with the rest of the family. We went to the Grand Country Buffet for lunch, then, later in the afternoon had our Christmas at the cabin. Here is Allison just after she arrived:

At the top of the stairs, above and to the left of Allison in the above photo, we have our favorite Ozark Mountain Christmas wreath. This year, we left up the cabin cowboys behind it, rather than the red backing we have used before...  ;-)

Allison enjoyed her shirts:

Can I say she liked her DVDs even more?

Allison took a nice photo of Nancy and I with the tree, as well - how often we forget to...  ;-)

We each enjoyed our books, among other things under the tree!  ;-)

Pending actual overnight weather, we plan to leave for Austin in the morning...

It was a very nice day!  ;-)