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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Days in Austin plus puzzle done

Last Days in Austin plus puzzle done

Annette helped Alex build this lego game - he and Kaylee enjoyed playing it. See Annette in the background, as well.

Arrion and Annette were running DVDs of old movie musicals. Kaylee got out her microphone, dressed in her ballet recital outfit, and sang and danced for us. Surprisingly well, actually!  ;-)

Arrion seems to enjoy cooking for all of us when we visit - this is a tribute to her efforts!  ;-)

Here is Allison opening gifts after we returned to the cabin - this one was from Annette - some smell-good lavender!  ;-)

This is the snow we have had so far...  looking forward to same on New Year's Eve day...

We did a puzzle that Allison got us for Christmas, from BAM, during pro football games today! ;-)

You can see Nancy's cane - her part of the picture, she said. We each did big chunks, and each struggled, together, to finish the blue sky, but, we did it!!  ;-)

It was another good day!  ;-)

1 comment:

Allison said...

Great pictures...2 corrections...I got Lilac not Lavender...and the puzzle wasn't the one I got you (it had a windmill on it) ...but love the photos as usual!!