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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day, Batch 2 of 2

Christmas Day, Batch 2 of 2

I only take selected photos, and, of course, they don't all come out as well as I'd like; so, here are a few more, after I selected the Batch 1 pictures...

Another favorite DVD for Arrion:

Arrion got me a University of Arizona 2012 National Championship Baseball Team shirt!

Alex and Kaylee each got lots of books, that they liked a lot!

Grandma enjoyed some handmade items from Alex and Kaylee, a couple of books, and a new set of sheets (for me, too!), among other items.

Ben got three set of shirts and ties; for his more frequent manager travels, perhaps!

Larry liked the Shameless cd he got from Allison...

Kaylee tried on her pancho...

Alex was pleased to see the Physics/Chemistry lab, from Grandma and Grandpa.

Arrion got me a new headset with built-in mike, for webinars, etc....

Annette had fun with the Orb that Alex got!!  ;-)

Here was Christmas dinner, pork, sweet potatoes, cranberry jello, rolls.... YUM!

Later, this afternoon:

Annette had constructed the Barbie Dreamhouse; Kaylee playing...

And, finally for today, Alex and Ben trying out the Wii U in HD - beautiful!!  ;-)

Hope you had a great one, as well!!  ;-)

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