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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas II in Austin 2013

Christmas II in Austin 2013

Our Christmas in Austin was a few days after Christmas - but that just spread the joy!!

Took this early photo of Alex, for Allison, back in Branson. Alex will be 10 in April. ;-)

And, took this one of Kaylee... just to get us started. She was 6, in November! ;-)

The night before we opened presents in the afternoon, Alex had a "overnight" birthday party with a good buddy - he was so soundly asleep, he laid their all the time we opened presents... he opened his after his 3 hour nap! ;-)

Annette and Larry got some "concert chairs" from Ben and Arrion - off of their Wish List!

Arrion liked her Ree Drummond cookbooks, from Allison, even though the flash didn't go off! ;-)

Kaylee liked the book, and bookmarks, she got from Allison, as well. We all like books!

Ben shows off the accessory for his dashboard and iPhone - nice tree back there, as well!

When Alex woke up, he really liked the iTunes Gift Cards we got him. Can you tell?

Alex has come to really liking to play board games - this is the new one he got.

Annette shows off the purse Allison got her from her Wish List, as well.

Kaylee was tired out, but very happy, after handing out everyone's presents... How sweet! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013, Snowstorm

December 6, 2013, Snowstorm

Had the shovel ready, but didn't expect this - this early! ;-)

The pretty view...

Measure the snow on the car...

After snow removed...

The drive ready to be "cleared"...

Getting started...

That's enough, for now! I can get out, if necessary! ;-)