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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hollister Cabin Christmas

Hollister Cabin Christmas

We had our Christmas with Allison today before we leave for Texas to spend Christmas Day with the rest of the family. We went to the Grand Country Buffet for lunch, then, later in the afternoon had our Christmas at the cabin. Here is Allison just after she arrived:

At the top of the stairs, above and to the left of Allison in the above photo, we have our favorite Ozark Mountain Christmas wreath. This year, we left up the cabin cowboys behind it, rather than the red backing we have used before...  ;-)

Allison enjoyed her shirts:

Can I say she liked her DVDs even more?

Allison took a nice photo of Nancy and I with the tree, as well - how often we forget to...  ;-)

We each enjoyed our books, among other things under the tree!  ;-)

Pending actual overnight weather, we plan to leave for Austin in the morning...

It was a very nice day!  ;-)


Arrion Rathsack said...

Hmmm. Who got you the John Quincy Adams book? Wasn't it on your Amazon list?

Allison said...

I got it for him...i got it off the list!