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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Days of Thanksgiving visit in Austin

Last Days of Thanksgiving visit in Austin

Larry's Birthday was celebrated on Sunday. He and Annette talked to Blake in Spain via Skype.

Kaylee and Alex helped their Uncle Larry with his cake. Both Arrion and Annette were taking photos from the other side of the table...  ;-)

I selected Arrion's gift of three books (that will come tomorrow) because the printout was cute - Alex fooling around with his mother!  ;-)

A couple of nights ago, Alex was playing cards with us... a new game, to me... 7 up, 7 down!

Kaylee play-acting with her Rapunzel hair... with Grandma!

Annette 'did Kaylee's nails' this afternoon. [They are temporary, of course!]

We all worked on a puzzle over the weekend... different ones did different parts - really NEAT! ;-)

And, just a little while ago, so that Kaylee could help with the Star before she went to bed, Ben and Arrion put up the Christmas tree and added the lights. Perhaps other decorations tomorrow! ;-)

We head home tomorrow morning.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


Celia Lewis said...

Christmas Tree -??!! It's not even Dec. 6th yet... much tooooo early.
Great photos of all of you having lots of family fun.

Allison said...

I've had friends who've had their tree and decorations up since just after Halloween!!!...at least as of today it's 30 days til Christmas!!

Love the photos..tree is pretty..can't decide whether to put up tree and decorate this year..we will see,,,

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

With young working parents family, Thanksgiving holiday is only time Dad is available to help, these days, it seems. Each family has their own ways, and own time tables, it seems. ;-)