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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holly Hock Flower Update - one week later

Holly Hock Flower Update - one week later

Note: This is a personal update, primarily for the benefit of myself and my grandson, Alex.

One week ago, we planted a bunch of dried Holly Hock flower seeds that I'd gotten from Brother T.K. last summer. Alex and I planted them in a window box full of miracle grow potting soil. I wasn't even sure they would grow at all. Well, here we are, a week later...

The near 'green things' were up yesterday; today there is a whole row and the beginning of a second. Neat! Whereas I had been watering on the surface, today I put water in the bottom of the Window Box. You can see the water level. It says it will last for two weeks.

 Other flower updates in the backyard... by nature, daffodils still blooming, but about done. There appears to be a little tulip nearby... don't know if it will survive to bloom...

Over in the transplanted iris bed, growth is appearing.

To the right, there are some pretty little purple flowers...

I am easily interested... ;-)  ...  even violets with a few dandelions...  ;-)

More next week...

It was a very good day!  ;-)

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