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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Visit to Pine Creek area on Boulder Mountain

Visit to Pine Creek area on Boulder Mountain

Some aspens still had some good color as we took the cutoff to the Pine Creek area on our trip up the 'back side' of Boulder Mountain. This is both a grazing area (lots of dried cow patties, and few not so dry) and popular camping and trout fishing area. This is the higher level of Pine Creek that works its way to the bottom of the Mountain, runs through the Bicknell Bottoms (past the fish hatchery) and into the Fremont River running through the valley toward and through Capital Reef National Park to the east.

We each got out of the Jeep and kind of wandered around doing our own things. Nancy enjoyed the reasonable flat area to explore. She found a rock, with lichen on it, that was colorful. I took this photo, since she couldn't take it home with her.

Annette and I each spent some time on the other side of the creek. Here, Annette is 'coming back,' - dramatically, of course!'

There is a foot bridge, right behind her, but what fun is that!  On up behind, and around a bend, there was a ponderosa pine that had fallen, or been cut, just lying there...

With Annette having her camera, as well, I got to be in more photos... sorry! You may have seen some of these on Facebook.

Here I am, on the rocks, checking out the trout in the creek.

Keeping that camera ready... By the way, thanks for the loan of the hat, Larry!  ;-)

Here, Annette took this when I went up the hill, a ways, carrying my ponderosa leaves... no one was impressed - they weren't flowers...  ;-)

Back down by the creek, Larry was pointing out that he could see trout in the stream... it is much deeper than it first appeared.

I could see the trout, about a foot long, grey looking in the water - not sure I can pick it out in this photo... but is was there. He saw several smaller ones, as well. We didn't bring fishing gear...

Annette took this nice photo of Nancy and I - neat background, as well!

This one that Annette took was probably all of our favorites, for composition... neat!  ;-)

All in all, a very nice place, nice day, nice visit!  ;-)

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