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Thursday, October 18, 2012

To Miller Lake and the Top of Boulder Mountain

To Miller Lake and the Top of Boulder Mountain

This is story is about our trip around the back of Boulder Mountain going north and west, then south,  and back east. We first went through Bicknell Bottoms, along the lower Pine Creek, past the Fish Hatchery, and then across some rather flat land, that reminded me a bit of the Flint Hills, in Kansas. It wasn't really flat, even though it looked that way. In a bit we could see the Palisades from the 'back side' with snow, just like on the north side!

We turned up a gravel road, and headed for the top of the mountain!

As we worked our way up the mountain, we took a side trip to Pine Creek (we'll share those photos here, a little later - some of them already appeared on Facebook!). Here, a photo looking back down into the valley from whence we came.

Before long, we actually ran into snow... how about that?

We went in and out for a while, as we went up; then, before long... it was all snow. Not a lot, but steady.

When we got to the "Y in the road" - one road went up to the top of the mountain...

We decided it was much more prudent, to just take the road to Miller Lake, and save the top for another time...  ;-)

Really nice lake - Miller Lake: snow, with mud underneath...  ;-) 10,000 feet...

Here, Larry is getting ready to take the neat photo of Annette and I she posted on Facebook.

Here is that photo...

Nancy watched from the Jeep, and enjoyed the Lake, as well!  ;-)

On the way back down...

We ended the day in Loa, had delicious pizza at our favorite pizza parlor!

Last time we were here, I took this same photo, and it sleeted... when we finished, the Jeep was covered with sleet! Today, it was real nice. We stopped by the grocery store, and headed for home.

It was a very nice day! ;-)

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