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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Torrey and the Saddlery

Torrey and the Saddlery

On Sunday afternoon, we took a near twilight drive out north of the nearby town of Torry to the Rainbow housing area, under this mound... near the far end of one drive there, some one had a sign in front of their house that said: "End of the Rainbow"  ;-)

A few aspens were still in bloom in the area:

Our main goal was dinner at the Saddlery restaurant with snow on the Boulder Mountain palisades, above and behind Annette and Larry's house, in the distance. The eating place was behind me here.

We specifically came, tonight, because Lynsey Shelar was playing her violin. She is part of the House Band, The Adaptors, but on Sunday night, she plays solo - classical violin to country fiddle!!

During a break, I got a photo of Lynsey, on the right, along with her local 'teacher' Bonnie Mangold, on the left. We drive by Bonnie's house every time we go to and from Annette and Larry's house, up the mountain!

I got this (half way decent) photo of Lynsey playing her violin, assisted by a member of the Adaptors, for this one number, Bernie, playing spoons/bones.

Great food, great entertainment... pleasant evening!  ;-)