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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Minor Ailments

Approaching age 69 in a few weeks, I've noticed that minor ailments seem to occur more often. I'm not complaining, of course... my general health is excellent; especially for the poor shape I'm in.

Since the weekend, my eyes have been irritated... strange, as I do not have allergies, hardly ever. We have determined that I became dehydrated. It was a warm weekend. I went out and mowed the yard about noon on Saturday. Great exercise! It was hot and windy. I didn't drink a full bottle of water after I came in. On Sunday, I went for a 35 minute walk, with lots of hills and valleys, relatively speaking. Hot again. Again, didn't drink the water I should have. Had some Diet Coke in the afternoon (that makes the problem worse, of course - but, I didn't yet know I had a problem!). By mid-day Monday, I was wondering what the problem was (very yellow urine - sorry, but it is the tell-tale symptom, every time.) Monday night I loaded up on water, and some fluids with electrolites. Again on Tuesday, added apple juice. Getting better.

Not a problem, really, but... I just hate to be less than "perfect" - enough problems in life without "not feeling well!" Again, I know I am lucky... but, it is one of those little things I wanted to share.

Get to drive 10 hours to Austin, tomorrow! Need to be feeling well. Looking forward to seeing Alex, 4, and Kaylee, 7 months on the 8th. Have to share a photo (ok, it is a couple months old!)

Anyway, it was another good day!

Dr. Bill ;-)

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