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Friday, June 12, 2009

I am retired

No more days to count down. I am officially retired, as of this afternoon. And, the truck is loaded, thanks to Larry, and Annette, and Nancy and others too numerous to mention! In the morning, we caravan to Hollister to start our new retired lives. Starting with unloading a "chuck full" 16' Penske and three cars packed to the gills... Storage stuff first, cabin later on.

Had my last official meeting, today, with the gentleman taking over as Department Chair on Monday. Jacqui had tears in her eyes, as she gave me a big hug, for goodbye. It is a time of transition for her, not just with me leaving at work, but she is getting married in August to a professor, with two sons, to go along with her son... all three boys about the same age.

I will continue this blog, to chronicle how retired live really is... for us, at least. Our next "scheduled event" is the flight out to Utah, in July, to look after the Kaylee and Alex, while Annette, Larry, Ben and Arrion go hiking, for a couple of days. In the meantime, we have to unpack the stuff we packed, and put in storage... slowly, and systematically. Will be able to find anything? That is the question!

It was a very good day! ;-)

1 comment:

Allison said...

Happy Retirement Dad!!! I know a happy but sad day...but you have earned a well deserved retirement!!!
Love ya!