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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wisdom Keepers

At the age of 20, you know everything. At 70, you're not so sure.

These words could be mine, but they do come from an article in AARP Magazine that is worth a read by persons of all ages - and it is not too long. The article, "The Pressure to Be Wise," is written by Margaret Atwood about a video series under production by Dr. Joe MacInnis and her reaction to being a part of it.

If you don't read the whole article, be sure to check the last couple of paragraphs. Good thoughts... likely will cause you to read the rest.

By the way, in the same issue of the magazine (cover has Bruce Springsteen on it, Sep/oct 2009) is an article on "Best Places to Live: The Simple Life" listing the their top 5. We have lived in two of them! Tucson, AZ, and Ames, IA. The others are Greenville, S.C., Montpelier, VT, and Logan, UT. Hard to disagree!! ;-)

It is another very good day! ;-)

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