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Monday, November 23, 2009

Guests have arrived

Annette and Larry are here with us for a couple of weeks. They will be in and out as business and other family activities they have to do dictate. Larry's Dad will celebrate his 90th birthday a couple days after Thanksgiving, so they will go up to Shelbyville to do that with his family. Last week, they came and stayed overnight; took our Honda up to Springfield, IL, for Annette to give a Keynote at an Illinois State Library conference. The week after Thanksgiving, she does the same at the New Hampshire Conference, so will fly up and back... We are all on our computers, in our designated spots, working away at what we do... most of the time. Gather for meals and chit-chat. Actually, at the moment, Annette and Mom are at Target....

Larry and I are upstairs and downstairs, respectively, working on student assignments - we both are teaching on-line courses, as is Annette. Just an update! Have a great Thanksgiving break!

It is another extra good day! ;-)

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