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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trip to Austin via 412

We took a different route to Austin to see the grandkids this time... we keep trying different combinations. This time we went south on US 65, west on US 412 to Springdale, south via I 540 to Ft. Smith, west on I 40 to US 69, south to McAlester and caught the Indian Nation Turnpike and south to Paris and on to Athens, where we are staying tonight. In the morning, west on 31 to Waco and into Austin on I 35 and MoPac... Eight hours to here, about three to go... so, could have gone on in, but didn't want to disturb the kids bedtime routines.

West on US 412 from US 65 is four lane to Alpena. This is Alpena (just west of town they are digging around the road... hope improvements are coming!):

Just north of Fort Smith, is the town of Mountainburg, where a large Kinnick family (NC branch) has lived for many, many years. Here is the sign for their town.

We also stopped at the Oklahoma Welcome Center on I 40.

Pretty exciting trip!

It was another very good day! ;-)

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