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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009 in Hollister

We did have a White Christmas at the cabin this year, for our first Christmas as full-time residents in Hollister/Branson. It had rained, yesterday, and in the 30-40 temp range. As the front went through, and temps fell into the 20s overnight, the lingering rain started to freeze and turned to snow. Some slick spots, but by 11 am when I took this photo, the sun was out nicely, even though the temp was only about 24 degrees.

We finished the puzzle we started, on Christmas Eve, before we went to bed...
Allison had helped get it started, but she went home. Bill and Nancy were going to stop.... but, just one more piece... about twenty times, and it was done. Good excuse for old folks to sleep in on Christmas morning - I suppose we were going to anyway... OK!? Very nice puzzle to do!

Christmas Brunch of Banana Bread (from Allison - she makes it really good!), sausages, pineapple chunks, and orange juice.

Christmas Dinner - Allison said I should get in the photo - she took it - had to move a bit to get the light right. Came out pretty fair, thanks! A little different this year, with meatloaf (made from new beef and pork blend from the Harter House!), scalloped potatoes, lima beans and rolls. Yum! Candle, red plates, and flowers were a nice touch - Nancy gets all the credit!

Some photos of Christmas presents tomorrow... keep you in suspense!

It was a very good day! ;-)

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