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Friday, December 11, 2009

Success in Citronelle

We went on up to Citronelle on Friday morning, checking out cemetery locations that Nancy had researched. The first one, a little ways out of town, didn't seem too promising. We took this photo to show we were in town... settled in 1811. Wow! ;-)

The part of town we drove around in wasn't too large. Here is the main street; courthouse on the far end. Looks a lot like some of the photos from the 1920-30s Nancy had in a book.

After driving around for a while, we found the road leading east of town, where two "main" cemeteries were located. They were the size we liked, and we could actually drive the car around in the cemetery, and look at the names on the stones. Real cool, and had been raining some, so that was especially nice. After about the second turn, Nancy says: "I see WILSON!" I go out to walk the 75-100 feet to see the names... sure enough, it was David C. and Martha C. WILSON - exactly who we were looking for... and, as a bonus, their only two daughters were buried with them. What luck. Nancy seemed happy!

Five or more years of research culminated in a great find, in a very interesting place!

We were able to get back on I-10 and go east to Pensacola for the Saturday wedding - a successful "find" behind us! Happy Wife! Happy Life! ;-)

It was a very good day! ;-)

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