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Monday, April 19, 2010

Retirement Update 19 Apr 2010

I haven't just commented on our retirement for a while. Let's see what happens:

1. We are over nine months in now, and I continue to be amazed how long it took us to find a comfortable routine. We have now, but it has only been a few weeks, it seems. It may be that this is the longest stretch when our routine was not interrupted by a required "trip/event" ... will continue to think about it.

2. I achieved one goal: to get my novel, Back to the Homeplace, published in the first year! Hope you buy one, if you haven't already. Thanks!

3. We spent four or five hours on the phone and internet today working on correcting errors in the way our Medicare account is set up, even though we were confident we had done everything right last summer. Our "Welcome to Medicare" physical exams last Dec 1 were not getting through the system correctly.... We made some progress on corrections, but it will be at least another ten days before we find out if what we did today fixed the errors. No one can explain why there were problems, but there were. Fit nicely with the "horror stories" that we have heard.

4. The cabin is getting "stained" by a contractor. It is happening without us physically doing it. Very nice. We are involved, but he is doing the work. Nice.

5. For the second time in a week, we just spontaneously sat down and watched a movie on the television set for the second time in four days. We hadn't watched a full movie for literally years, before that.

6. I am thrilled that the iris count was up to six this afternoon - to late for a photo, maybe tomorrow!

It was another very good day!  ;-)



Retirement ain't for sissies.

I've been retired for 5 years and the first year was the most difficult. Lately it has become some of the most rewarding times of my life. I've recently been able to help my wife with her recovery from an operation and be more involved in my kids and grandkid's lives. I thank God for these special times of my life.

Barbara said...

I had to laugh. First, all the movies you watched (they are a passion of mine, so I see a lot, even at the theater). Second, ah medical care and such. I was very lucky, but it took about 4 months of stress before I realized I could be covered under my husband's (he is still working). I do hate carrying the medicare card tho, makes me feel so old. Also, you made it through your first winter! Thanks for the updates, and enjoy 2010.