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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Garden Level of Utah Home

The Garden Level

We've been at Annette and Larry's house for over a week now. Tonight, while they are at their 4H meeting, I am going to feature the Garden (lower) level of the house that is so pleasant. Much of it is a library, still a work in progress, but progressing nicely.

This is the acquisitions area, just to the east of center on the south wall. Incoming books are recorded on the computer. Larry puts a nice cover on many of the new books being added. Many of the books in the library spent a number of years at one of our houses, as well. My black leather hat currently adorns one of the new, lower bookcases. Most of the larger bookcases spent a number of years with us in Emporia and Hollister, after being acquired originally for the cabin in Indiana.

I have designated this southeast corner as the Western Area. Note the skull and wall hanging, leaning against the bookcase, of Pipe Springs National Monument, in northern Arizona. That hung in our Emporia condo for many years.

The central reading area has a couch, a table and many nice books. I like the sign over the bookcases against the wall: We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!  ;-)

Swinging to the northeast corner, we have the "stacks" - many, many books. The three puzzles sitting on the end are recent arrivals in our car, to be recorded and filed at an appropriate time and place.  The door to our bedroom is to the right in this photo.

The far end of the room has a nice TV viewing area. The TV was bought in Indiana, spent 15 years as our main TV in Emporia, and still serves very well with a Direct TV hookup (not HD). I got to watch the first game of the Lakers-Celtics series and the College World Series games here last evening as they watched the movie, The Road, upstairs. I slept better last night than they did; if you have seen the movie, you'll know what I mean. Enough said.  ;-)

In the middle of the room sits the pellet stove on the floor and the dart board on the wall. The really neat rocking chair, currently, sits in front of the stove. Very nice on a cold morning. The view out the east end of room, double glass doors (looking right, above, from the rocking chair, just to the left of TV area above) in the early morning, is of the sun coming up over the mountains. I saw it this morning, again, and it was truly spectacular... then went back to bed!

This is the northeast corner of the Garden Level room (the double glass doors are to the right) where the children's book are kept - a large collection, again. You may note the stairs coming down from the upper level, on the left. Under the stairs, there is a "play space', not yet developed, but started and reserved. See that in the photo below.

As I mentioned earlier, Annette and Larry have really enjoyed becoming involved in the local community, Teasdale and Torrey, and Wayne County (very large area, but very low population). This year they are serving as Wayne County 4H leaders. Tonight they are working with a large group of young folks in a variety of activities at the Community Center in Loa, the county seat. Lots of fun!

It was another very good day!


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