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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loop-the-Fold Flower Trip Today - CRNPark - Part 2

In Part 1 (You should probably start there, if not already), we were just leaving up the trail to the Strike Overlook. Here Bill and Larry are hiking up the slick rock - the first tough go - did fine.

I arrived at the top, the large cairn (pile of rocks) marks the top of the trail.

Larry took the next two photos. In the first, you can see back north up the road we came down to get to the Burr Trail (taken a few feet to the right in the photo above).

From the cairn, we a few hundred feet to the south, and arrived at the end of the lookout, where you can see on south toward Lake Powell. Here are Annette and I, enjoying the view.

Annette continued to take photos of flowers and lizards and landscapes as we got back on the Burr Trail. We took another side trip (they had not taken it before) to Lampstand; we found an old uranium mine, some good camping areas and other interesting stuff... photos later, perhaps. Burr Trail ends at Hwy 12 in the Town of Boulder. We stopped there and ate a different restaurant than we ate at last year.

Good food, good company.

One last photo to share today... This is the south side of Boulder Mountain. Larry and Annette's house is on the north slope of this mountain, toward the right end, in this photo. Interesting perspective.

It was a very good day!  ;-)

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