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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day in Austin

Memorial Day in Austin

Well, nothing ordinary about this Memorial Day, in Austin. Because of a 'snow day' makeup, Alex actually had to go to school today. Weird! To give Arrion some time to work while Alex was in school, we took Kaylee to Target, shopping, and then to Chick-fil-A, for lunch. She likes to eat the chicken, but they also have a real nice indoors play area!

At Target, we had gotten Alex a new Wii game, Lego Batman. But, when we got home, they had given us the wrong game... not the Lego version! Also a couple of shirts were the wrong size. So, when Alex got home from school, we took him back to Target, and got the right game, and some other clothes that he wanted. It is really nice that BOTH of them are old enough it is FUN to take them out! REALLY NEAT! ;-)

Back at the house, earlier, I caught Arrion and Ben in a 'strategy' meeting regarding where the new SWING SET will be placed.

During the day, sometime, Kaylee was playing dress up... here as a princess!

And, can you believe, even at 7 and 3 1/2, they still like to play 'Hide and Seek' - Kaylee:


Or, perhaps it is the personal attention that makes it still 'fun' - and it is!  ;-)

It was a another good day!  ;-)

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