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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day - Sewer Trench Update

Labor Day
Sewer Trench Update

Since last I wrote, Sewer Trench II in the back yard work continued. The small manhole was placed in the hole, right behind us - how lucky!

Then they continued to lay the pipe to the south. The pipe is marked with some 'magnetic tape' for identifying location purposes, then covered with gravel. The gravel is to encourage water to flow down the pipe placement. Then, they began covering in the trench.

Everything is done with the big machines, of various sizes. Back and forth, front and back of blade... everytime they back up... BEEP, BEEP, BEEP...  ;-)

They covered the pipe to the north; they covered the pipe to the south - as far as it was done. Said they wanted it done before Labor Day... Except, right behind us!

How nice! NOT...  ;-) Next, a smaller  'scraper' came along, from north to south, to smooth it all out. Had a nice chat with him. He 'saved' my lilacs, along the fence...

He cleaned it all up... except, around our manhole... he expected them to bring the 'cover' - they didn't. So he came back, and did what he could. After he left, someone brought the cover...

Here we look to the north, to see how smooth he was able to make it...

And smooth to the south...

He'll have to come back to 'finish' around the cover - oh, well. Here we sit on Labor Day.

Nancy continues to supervise, from time to time.

Yesterday, we finally got our temperature reprieve. Had continued to be in mid-upper 90s. Yesterday, a 20 degree drop. We're now in mid-70s. How wonderful!

Happy Labor Day!  ;-)

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