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Friday, November 4, 2011

Austin Visit - Pre-Birthday

Austin Visit

Here are some photos from our first two days here. We will celebrate Kaylee's fourth birthday on Saturday, even though it is next week, the day after we leave. She will have her Birthday Party at Little Gym next Saturday. She had her Early Birthday with Annette and Larry a couple of weeks ago. We all like to celebrate birthdays!

Although it was a little cool, Alex and I were playing throw and catch with a tennis ball in the back yard. His arm is getting much stronger.

Grandma and Kaylee are getting out the Alphabet Bingo. I was the caller. Kaylee actually knows most of the letters. Just a few still working on. We also worked on the small letters, where she has a few to go, as well. Very good!  ;-)

Grandma helped Alex with his homework. He read two chapters in a book. Then, he wrote one sentence answers to ten questions. First grade! He did real well.

Kaylee showed Grandma her Barbie with a braid.

Grandma put a braid in Kaylee's hair... then one in the other side, as well!

Both kids really like the iPad. It has games and activities for each age. They each do their own. Here, Kaylee is 'baking muffins' while Grandma watches.

'Mom and Dad' went to a movie tonight. For quiet time, before they went to bed, Kaylee and Alex played quietly, together, with the airplane toy. Neat! They are really growing up!  ;-)

Stay tuned for a big Saturday. I'll try to remember to take some more photos!  ;-)

It was another very nice day!  ;-)


Allison said...

Nice group of photos!! They are growing up fast!!! Looking forward to MORE photos!! ;-)

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

See Birthday photos. YES, they are really growing up...!! ;-)