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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Company Weekend

Company Weekend

We were expecting 'company' at the cabin this past weekend because Annette and Larry were coming through on their way to visits in Illinois.

However, on Thursday, we found that Al and Joleen Bolger were able to get away from their jobs in Iowa for a brief visit. They had hoped for a longer visit in October, but that was cancelled due to work commitments. We were pleased to have them visit on Friday and Saturday.

Allison was able to join us for great conversation about family and life in general, and, we went out to eat both nights they were here. Party time!  ;-) Al and Joleen headed back for Iowa on Sunday.

Annette and Larry did arrive at Branson Airport Sunday afternoon. More good conversation. Annette checked out some western history books still in our 'library.'

Allison was off on Monday, so she and Annette went hiking, shopping and to lunch - 'sister time.'

Here are the matching turtle-neck sweaters and jackets they got.

On Tuesday, Annette and Larry loaded their stuff into our Honda, as they have done a number of times before, and left for the week at a conference and visiting his family members in Illinois. They will return here on Sunday afternoon.

It was a great weekend!  ;-)


Arrion said...

Allison and Annette have matching salt and pepper hair cuts too. Hee hee hee. (From their little sister.)

Allison said...

Haha Arrion...YES..we both know we do..but I believe you have some too..your's is just under cover of chemicals..LOL!!!!