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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First full day in Austin, December 2011

First full day in Austin, December 2011

These are photos from this afternoon when we had the Smith family Christmas gift exchange with the four Rathsacks, Annette and Larry, and Nancy and I. These are a few selected photos, four or five are from Annette's camera.

Here, Kaylee opened a gift from Allison; a pretty dress. I captured Arrion with her new camera capturing Kaylee holding it in front of herself.

Alex got a couple of good sized Lego kits from his list, along with a really nice Lego Ideas book.

Ben got shop storage unit, from us, from his list. He's planning a new garage workbench this year.

We gave Kaylee some pretty pink pajamas. She seemed to like them.

Larry got a gift off of his list - the package was pretty; the gadget wasn't, just useful!  ;-)

Nancy got a new 'basket' from Annette.

 Arrion got a dvd and some Packer decals for her van, from Allison.

Bill was surprised, and very pleased, to get a tee-shirt from Annette and Larry, special made the name and town from Bill's novels' setting... amazing!  ;-)

Arrion and Bill each got a Starfest Shirt from Annette and Larry.

Arrion and Annette went the grocery store. Annette tried to convince Kaylee these were apples, but Kaylee wasn't buying it.

Later, Kaylee playing with the new game, from Grandma, for her DS.

Meanwhile, Alex had been playing a game on Nancy's Mac.

Nancy has found she likes shawls. This is a really soft, comfortable one she got, today.

Finally, Bill was pleased to get a new Iowa State shirt from the Rathsacks.

Enough for today. Perhaps a few others from today, over next couple of days.
Tonight, we are watching Holiday Bowl with Texas, 14, and Cal, 10 - close, tough game.

It was a great day!  ;-)


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Great pics! Love the Bevin shirt!!! Look forward to more pics!