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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday in Austin - Happy New Year!

Sunday in Austin
Happy New Year!

We started our day with the kids with a shorter play, today, 'Dora and Boots!'

Kaylee was Dora, the star, today. Alex played Boots (he has a tail; Boots is a monkey sidekick of Dora, on tv, if you're not up on the series...). Annette again narrated the story the kids had composed.

Larry played Swipper, the fox who steals (swipes) things, and then is always sorry.

Not sure what Nancy is doing with the panda bear....

Later, Ben and Alex got in some Wii time with a new game.

Kaylee and Grandma played with a 'creative' drawing game. Kaylee drew super girl and Nancy did a Green Bay Packer... sort of...  ;-)

They worked together on one big one, as well.

Later, during the Bronco and Chiefs' football game, Kaylee watched Elf movie on her DVD with new new headphones.

I kept her dish filled with grapes, when she wanted them... healthy!  ;-)

Annette and Alex finished constructing the Lego train they had been working on. Got it going on small, round track.

Alex and Annette tried adding some more track.

From time to time, Annette worked on the new online course she is developing.

I'm doing this during the second half of the Cowboys-Giants game; not looking good, right now!  ;-)

Arrion fixing fantastic meals every day - many good days in a row - more to come.  ;-)

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