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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The "Lost Two Weeks" - and Recovery!

 The "Lost Two Weeks" - and Recovery!

On January 22, just two weeks ago, today (Super Bowl Sunday), Nancy suffered a stroke (brain stem/posterior brain) and has been in the hospital and a week of Acute Rehabilitation. She returned home on Friday, and her recovery is going very well. She still has some double-vision/vertigo, so she has a cane for balance. However, through the excellent rehab, she has regained all of her strength, she can see and read (only some more distant vision on 'right' yet), and a few small problems remain. She continue to improve toward prior 'normal' every day.  A small miracle, thank you. I wanted to post a couple of photos from last weekend when Arrion came up and her brother, Al, came down, to visit. It was wonderful to have Allison here, every day, to support each of our efforts. THANKS!

Happy brother and sister! The patch was a big help in getting through the early double-vision set of issues. It has not been used for several days, now. 

On Saturday, Al went out to lunch with Allison and Arrion. A nice photo from that event.

Finally, a nice photo of Nancy and Arrion!

Nice to have her back home. Looking forward to a visit from Annette and Larry in a couple of weeks.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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Barbara Poole said...

I'm sorry to hear this Bill, but am really glad Nancy is doing well. What a scare. I'm not on fb a whole lot, so I do apologize if I missed this news. Get well Nancy.