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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family and Friends in Iowa, July 10-12

Family and Friends in Iowa, July 10-12

The occasion for being in Iowa this week, of course, was the death of Betty Thomas and the celebration of her life at the funeral home, church and cemetery.

Here are a few selected photos I took. Nancy talking to Colleen and Buzzy Kinnick at the luncheon. Donna Gymer Wagner looking on, in the foreground.

Earlier, young Pheobe, Betty's new great-granddaughter, kept life interesting - life goes on!

John and Mark; Mark on left, John on right, below

It was a beautiful day at the cemetery.

I hadn't taken a photo of Bill's marker, so took this opportunity, nearby.

Mark, Nellie, and young Mark, Phoebe's dad (son of John) in line (facing us - and the food!)

Joel Bolger, John Schumaker and Rev. Gunderson chatting.

Jennifer Weir and Nancy talking, later on.

We always catch the Bolger Six when they get together!

With spouses that were present - thank to Pat and Clark for using my camera!
Jolene was taking the 'official' photos - but she got into this one!  ;-)

And, one of us!

It was a good day! ;-)


Allison said...

Great set of photos!! Good to see everyone!!! The one of you and mom was really good too!!

TK said...

I concur !

alice williams said...

Great to see you up and about and............smiling. See you in Sept. Alice