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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Austin Visit - First week of October

Austin Visit - First week of October

Let's start off with Alex in his Boy Scout uniform (this was our second night here):

A bit over posed, but that is fine... most are too unposed!  ;-)

After school snack time... Annette was still here - Kaylee showing her the ceramics piece she made as a Pre-Cardinal. Kaylee is in Pre-School at Clayton, where Alex is in third grade; same campus, 'across the street!' Nice!  ;-) [Cardinal is the school mascot, of course! ... ]

Alex had some homework to do:

The first night, Kaylee had 'ballet class' - outfit and all; shoes are in bag.

Obviously had my camera set wrong - her hand was not moving that fast... I'm sure Annette got a better photo...

Kaylee showed me she does both tap and ballet - here are her shoes from the bag!

Later, Annette and Alex got into a discussion about "Anything you can do, I can do better!" They went and found Howard Keel singing it, from "Annie, Get Your Gun" - on YouTube, in seconds - technology can be amazing... often is, I suppose! ;-)

We go home, tomorrow. We had a nice visit while Ben and Arrion are in Europe. Really enjoying their photos from there, already, on Facebook!  ;-)

We've had some very good days!  ;-)

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