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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nancy's Birthday in Hollister

Nancy's Birthday in Hollister

Thanks to Allison for this photo of us at Bob Evans where the three of us went for mid-afternoon meal, as is our preference.

Stopped at Country Mart on the way home and and Allison and I picked up a beautiful cake for Nancy.

Isn't that a pretty cake? With 4 candles - she blew them all out at once.

As you may have seen on Facebook, the cake was clearly marked "White Layer Cake," two different places. When we cut into it, it was a beautiful CHOCOLATE cake!! Delicious, but not quite what we were expecting.

Notice in each photo Nancy has no glasses. She had cataract surgery on July 1 and 22, right and left, and is 'patiently' awaiting final healing while still fighting some allergy issues. But, now she is far-sighted - after a life-time of being near-sighted. She will still get new glasses when healing is finished, of course. For now, she uses reading glasses, effectively. But, can watch TV ok without, and ride around in the car with dark glasses. Interesting.

Here she is with some of her presents... can you guess what she asked for? By name? Plus more on her Kindle...  ;-)

She got phone calls from Annette and Arrion... with Alex and Kaylee, as well.

Very happy Birthday! ;-)


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Flemming said...

A little late birthday greeting to Nancy from Flemming in Denmark.