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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rathsacks visit the cabin for Spring Break

Rathsacks visit the cabin for Spring Break

Spring Break came early in March this year. Ben, Arrion, Alex and Kaylee visited all week. Ben's parents, Andy and Brenda, and Andy's two sisters, were in town the first weekend. They stayed at the Welk Resort this time and enjoyed their visit with several shows and other entertainment. Among other activities, we all met and ate at the Fall River Restaurant together. Surprise, we got our photo taken, in Branson!

When the "kids" first arrived, "we" each had our 3DSs, playing Animal Crossing...

Here are Ben and Arrion at the cabin:

And, I caught Alex and Kaylee, in a playful mood...

My, how they are growing. Alex is in 4th grade, Kaylee is in Kindergarten.

The "elder" Rathsacks visited the cabin one day; from the stairs, to the left:

...and, to the right...

A casual photo image...

...and, everyone on their phone, it seemed! ;-)

Didn't take a lot of photos, but wanted to get these posted!

It was a very good week!  ;-)

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