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Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July in Austin

4th of July in Austin

Drove down on Wednesday and Thursday. Neat fireworks over nearby gold course, sat on front walk and watched... reminded us of Urbandale, years ago!!  ;-)

Early on 4th, kids all to Circle C parade. Alex, as a scout, got to lead parade with flag... he got to be the one at the end of the parade. Neat! Home and rested. Kids watched a movie. Grandma had her iPad! ;-)

Then, all afternoon (couple of hours +) all played Tripoly... Kaylee played with Ben... called out the card and counted out the chips.... Back and forth... Arrion ended up beating Alex by one chip! Grand ma barely beat out Grandpa for last... ;-)

Ben to grill burgers and fish in a bit... What more could you want...  Happy 4th of July!! ;-)

From yesterday...

Alex baked the angel food cake... we're saying it was for my 75th birthday... you may have already seen this on Facebook!! ;-)

It was another great day! ;-)

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